API offers two models of monochromators:

MCG910 Series Monochromators

MCG990 Series Monochromators

Monochromators using high efficiency diffraction gratings are found in many applications including the spectrophotometer and spectroradiometer. Macam has designed and manufactured a range of concave grating monochromators to meet the demands of high precision spectral radiometry.
Our monochromators are available in two focal lengths:

  1. 100 mm
  2. 200 mm

Each has a range of concave holographic diffraction gratings covering the ultra-violet, visible and near infrared spectra. Special models have interchangeable gratings for extended spectral range.

The MCG990 double monochromator model ensures low stray light levels for particular use in ultraviolet spectroradiometry. All monochromators have multiposition entrance and exit slits for a choice of output bandwidths. Grating motor control and drive electronics with PC software allow automation for routine spectral measurements.




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