Field Testing Equipment and Services

Presenting the Ruggedized Field Portable Datalogger

...expressly designed for unattended storage of measurement data. The Model DL-203 collects data from both, multiple RS-232C and parallel inputs.

The instrument is fully programmed to collect data either in hyper-terminal format or parallel inputs. The software is offered with optional programs to optimize data handling, storage and downloading to external computer.


Aerial Scanning for:

  • Geological mapping
  • Vegetation studies
  • Pollution monitoring
  • Maritime surveillance
  • Heat loss detection

Suitable Applications include:

  • Airborne Spectral Profiling
  • Thermal Profile of Affluence
  • Ultraviolet/Visible Profiling
  • Airborne Test-Bed

ADVANCED PHOTONICS INTERNATIONAL, INC. presents an Airborne platform suitable for measurements or as a test-bed to test or evaluate concepts or prototype instrumentation. The aircraft a two engine piper Aztec has been modified to incorporate a 25 inch instrument bey (7 inch deep)The aircraft incorporates standard power suitable to support standard instruments. The platform can be supplied with free space for your experiment or with a standard measurement package which has multi-spectral imaging from the Ultraviolet to the Infrared. The instrument package can be customized to meet specific requirements or augmented with additional instruments such as a laser line scanner or gamma ray monitor.

Our engineering staff can accomplish the data reduction and analyze to support the measurements desired.
In addition our engineering staff can assist in developing new instrumentation or modify existing
packages for feasibility tests.




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